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Altamont, IL is based 12 miles west of Effingham, Il on Interstate 70 or 88 kilometers east of St. Louis. The city was created by Germans about 150 years back, and German history is visible all throughout town. Fundamentally a wanna-be Effingham, IL with a little less men and women. Much more famously recognized for hosting the Effingham County Fair. The city has actually a reputation of thinking they truly are a lot better than the neighboring cities of St. Elmo, Beecher City, and Brownstown and even though they've been just like average as virtually any small town. The city is mostly about 99per cent white and most teens hear rap music, and think these are generally gangsters or prominant twelfth grade athletes (until actuality hits). Teenage alcohol functions seen become the thing in the city for large schoolers. Altamont thinks its as successful as top high-school sports programs like Teutoplois or Effingham, in reality they resemble Stew-Stras, St. Elmo, or Beecher City in althletic ability.Interestingly, the best folks you will discover in the city are those who've moved in Altamont (not originally from Altamont) and/or reduced middle-class individuals who don't get a prominant busniness in town or carry a prominant task. It appears as though about 20% associated with town, controls most of its wealth.Many residents of Altamont, IL continue to use the interaction approach to "gossip" to share with about all misfortunes and breaking development in town.