What does Altaic mean?

Altaic meaning in General Dictionary

of or related to the Altaic languages

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  • a collective term for several related linguistic households such as the Turkic Tungusik and Mongolian languages spoken over an easy location from southeastern Europe and Asia as china while the Pacific
  • of or with respect to or written in Altaic
  • any member of the individuals speaking a language in the Altaic language team
  • a small grouping of associated languages spoken in Asia and southeastern Europe
  • Of or pertaining to the Altai, a mountain chain in Central Asia.

Altaic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1832 as a linguistic family members, from French Alta

Altaic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or with respect to the Altai, a mountain sequence in Central Asia.

Sentence Examples with the word Altaic

In Asia it occurs on the Caucasus and Ural, and in some parts of the Altaic chain.

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