What does Alstroemeria mean?

Alstroemeria meaning in General Dictionary

some of different Southern United states plants of this genus Alstroemeria valued with their handsome umbels of beautiful blossoms

Alstroemeria meaning in Urban Dictionary

Immeasurably stunning, unique and unique.

Alstroemeria - German to English

alstroemeria [genus Alstroemeria]

Sentence Examples with the word Alstroemeria

Thus, the Lent lily is Narcissus Pseudonarcissus; the African lily is Agapanthus umbellatus; the Belladonna lily is Amaryllis Belladonna (q.v.); the Jacobaea lily is Sprekelia formosissima; the Mariposa lily is Calochortus; the lily of the Incas is Alstroemeria pelegrina; St Bernard's lily is Anthericum Liliago; St Bruno's lily is Anthericum (or Paradisia) Liliastrum; the water lily is Nymphaea alba; the Arum lily is Richardia africana; and there are many others.

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