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a last name. givin to people in a badass household. a name that's givin to at delivery and attained by wedding. respectable. intimidating. a last title to be stated with caution you will never know who's the alston blood boilin within their vains. rubbish talking in identical phrase as alston someone will end up with a busted lip.(it wont be the alston) A crued, sexy and hot guy.. He do not just take countless shit. Hes a pimp inside the own method... wants to screw, and USUALLY has some hoes around him. Hes the kind of man who'll do anything on the planet for your needs however if you obtain too near, he'll drive you away. But hes a wonderful guy. Rather than compliments and sadness, he'll insult you, but as long as he likes you. Only when he dislikes you can expect to he be good to you. He could be generally a juggalo. He is additionally quite wise, and in most cases he's good. not constantly. Once you play hit someone when you look at the head with a baseball bat, criticley injuring them