What does Alsace mean?

Alsace meaning in General Dictionary

a region of northeastern France well-known for its wines

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  • a spot of northeastern France famous for its wines

Alsace meaning in Etymology Dictionary

region between France and Germany (disputed by all of them 18c.-19c.), Medieval Latin Alsatia, from Old tall German *Ali-sazzo "inhabitant regarding the other (lender regarding the Rhine)," from Proto-Germanic *alja "other" + Old High German -sazzo "inhabitant," virtually "one whom sits." Alsatian had been adopted 1917 because of the Kennel Club for "German Shepherd puppy" to avoid the wartime organizations of German; the breed has no experience of Alsace.

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Sentence Examples with the word Alsace

Schmidt, Elsass and Lothringen (Leip., 1859); Spach, Histoire de la basse Alsace et de la vale de Strasbourg (Stras., 1860); von Miillenheim Rechberg, Die Annexion des Elsass durch Frankreich and Rilckblick auf die Verwaltung des Landes, 1648-1697 (Stras., 1897); Du Prel, Die deutsche Verwaltung in Elsass, 1870-1879 (Stras., 1879); L.

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