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The richest city in New Jersey and in the newest York City area. Its solely big houses and properties with no real commercial area. Very exclusive neighborhood of affluent people and famous people where in actuality the mail is delivered to a central post-office as the residences lack mailboxes or house numbers. Town has a school that only goes to eighth quality, but its therefore little since most children visit exclusive schools in nyc or local personal schools. Next-door neighbors feature Puff Daddy, Lil' Kim, and Chris Rock. Madonna ended up being rumored to be trying to find property in the region, and Jay-Z was forced to look elsewhere when the city don't see his household programs as right. There clearly was the sale of the Frick home for more than $50 Million and something of this biggest homes on the eastern coast (60,000+ sqft) is available on the market for $40 Million. The city is detailed as #8 from the Forbes' List of Richest Towns in the us. We don't know of city, though it is only fifteen minutes from New York City. The East Coast's Beverly Hills