What does Alpine mean?

Alpine meaning in General Dictionary

Of or related to the Alps or to any lofty mountain as Alpine snows Alpine plants

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  • relating to or characteristic of alps
  • residing or growing over the timber line
  • relating to the Alps and their particular inhabitants
  • Of or pertaining to the Alps, or even any lofty hill; since, Alpine snows; Alpine plants.
  • just like the Alps; lofty.

Alpine meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"of Alps," early 15c., from Latin Alpinus; see Alp. Earlier ended up being Alpish (1590s).

Alpine meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Alpine may refer to:

Alpine meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or regarding the Alps, or to any lofty hill; as, snows; plants.

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  • (a.) Like Alps; lofty.

Sentence Examples with the word Alpine

Two such folds maybe distinguished, corresponding on a smaller scale to the belt of alpine tracts which fringe the plateau on the north-west.

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