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1. Greek river-GodAlpheus, also called Alpheios (ancient greek language: Ἀλφειός, meaning "whitish"), was at Greek mythology a river (the modern Alfeios River) and river-god.2. RiverAlpheus has also been the lake which Hercules, in the 5th of his labours, re-routed in order to cleanse the filth from Augean Stables in one time, a task which had been presumed to-be impossible.3. Types of shrimpAlpheus is a genus of snapping shrimp of family members Alpheidae. This genus includes in excess of 250 species, causeing the the essential species-rich genus of shrimp. Like other snapping shrimp, the claws of Alpheus are asymmetrical, with the claws enlarged to make a popping noise.4. A learned chief/A capable person

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A thousand, learned, and chief.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Male

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Its democratic constitution, which seems to have been entirely congenial to the population of small freeholders, and its ambition to gain control over the Alpheus watershed and both the Arcadian high roads to the isthmus, frequently estranged Mantineia from Sparta and threw it into the arms of Argos.

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