What does Alpha-Chav mean?

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A chav or chavette that is often the frontrunner associated with the chav gang, will most likely function as loudest, many cocky, and hostile, they've been nearly indisginuishable from ordinary chavs, usually a brave alpha chav will try to demeen his goals, in vain attempts, these are typically spotted insurance firms there cronies stadning around grinning strangely, while he attemplts to demeen you (a failure miserably and retreating)Note: they're going to never ever leave the safety of the team,if you reveal signs and symptoms of agression, he might retaliate with the following:chav: me and my friends will bang yerchav: i'll enable you to get after schoolorchav: i'll get me big bro onto youif any alpha chav claims anyone of those things, that is your cue to kick that townies butt, simply because he's unconsciously admitting insecurity and weakness,alpha chavs are easy to beat, if you ever before end up enclosed by a group of chavs, don't worry, simply beat all of them up