What does Alpha Fag mean?

Alpha Fag meaning in Urban Dictionary

whenever any number of men, usually 2 - 5 all like one female. So they really all attempt to win the woman over by acting like dickheads to their various other mates (getting violent, attempting to deliver both down verbally etc.) They notice it as trying becoming the alpha male into the team just who like her by making their prominence obvious to another lads that like the girl. None will ever acknowledge beat but will just hold making arses of by themselves. It really is proper funny though.If within the existence of Alpha Fag behaviour, one should damage ones ear to notify others on enjoyment. But whatever happenes, never notify the alpha fags, it's funnier by doing this.It's only Alpha Fag in the event that thoughts aren't returned.Can additionally exchange "Tig" so whover is on, could be the alpha fag.