What does Alpha Dick Alpha Dick mean?

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(letter). someone with Alpha Male Syndrome.(adj). A guy just who believes he's Jesus's present towards the globe, but actually we can't stand him. The greatest seagull to ever before walk/fly upon/above the world. He is able to only be explained because of the words majestic, valiant, and favorably sensual. He's the first choice of his seagull pack, he commands demons, he is the reincarnation of Satan. He could be much larger versus other seagulls, has actually rustled locks, orange tinted eyes, and is virtually totally white, making him far superior to his avian cohorts. He flies funny due to the fact that he is therefore damn humongous that gravity should pull their ass to your floor, but they can also withstand the forces of all-natural because of he's that freaking awesome. Worship him, worry him, but don't reject him the cafeteria fries which he therefore needs.