What does Alpha mean?

Alpha meaning in General Dictionary

the initial letter in the Greek alphabet answering to A and for this reason always denote the start

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  • first-in purchase worth focusing on
  • the start of a series or series
  • very early testing phase of an application or equipment item
  • the very first letter of Greek alphabet
  • The first letter when you look at the Greek alphabet, responding to to A, and hence always denote first.

Alpha meaning in Names Dictionary

First-bom. The initial page of Greek alphabet.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Unisex

Alpha meaning in Finance Dictionary

The advanced that a good investment profile, or a stock, earns above its performance benchmark or the marketplace in general. Shares that rise as soon as the marketplace all together is dropping have 'positive alphas'. Stocks that fall as soon as the market as a whole is increasing have 'negative alphas'.

Alpha meaning in Law Dictionary

1. in the united kingdom a classification of london stocks from the stock exchange in an ordinary marketplace. 2. in the US it steps the alteration in prices of stocks on the market. The alteration makes use of movements of a stock agaist the market concentrating on growth. The bigger the alpha

Alpha meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from Latin alpha, from Greek alpha, from Hebrew or Phoenician aleph (see aleph). The Greeks included -a because Greek terms cannot end up in most consonants. Sense of "beginning of something" is from belated 14c., frequently paired with omega (last page into the Greek alphabet) as "the finish." Sense of "first-in a sequence" is from 1620s. Alpha male was at use by c.1960 among experts learning creatures; put on humans in community from c.1992.

Alpha meaning in Business Dictionary

1. UK: one of many four classifications (with beta, gamma, and delta) of largest and most traded shares on London stock market (LSE) underneath the 'normal marketplace size' category system. 2. United States: Measure of price volatility of a stock (stocks). Alpha methodology tries to separate the purchase price movements of a certain stock from those for the stockmarket, and centers on principles for instance the development price of stock's profits per share (EPS). Increased alpha score implies the stock is expected to stay steady no matter how the stockmarket acts. See in addition beta.

Alpha - German to English

alpha [Greek page]

Alpha meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) 1st page inside Greek alphabet, responding to to A, thus used to denote the beginning.

Sentence Examples with the word Alpha

Sarah could never understand why; she guessed it was some macho alpha male thing, but Jackson would occasionally go out looking for trouble.

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