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a woman gamer that always plays Halo 3 or contemporary Warfare 2. She's got the capability to pwn all noobs, and cause young children to cry after a quick lived online game of 1v1. Generally harrased by guys over Xbox LIVE, due to the fact she's a woman, she's got the ability to kill all of them with her ROFLcopter that goes soi soi soi.Besides all the xbox gaming, she is actually a really great person.Back to videogames.Alpacalaca may be the destroyer of bad, the pwner of noobs, and also the assassin of any various other girl on Xbox LIVE. This woman is a spartan generally clad in an ODST helmet and colors that are normally taken for pinks to purples. This woman is additionally the first choice and president regarding the "Hottie" clan.And in addition, it really is pronounced "AL-PACK-UH-LACK-UH"you can not excape Alpacalaca together Battle Rifle abilities and amazing gluey grenade positioning abilities. You are able to run, but you can never ever conceal from myself, Alpacalaca.<3