What does Aloysius mean?

Aloysius meaning in Names Dictionary

Variant of Louis: Famous warrior, from Old German 'Chlodovech'. Aloysius may be the name regarding the Italian Saint Aloysius of Gonzaga, and frequent among Brit Roman Catholics.
Name Origin: French
Name Gender: Male

Aloysius meaning in Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper title, from Medieval Latin Aloisius, from Old French Loois (see Louis).

Sentence Examples with the word Aloysius

The Author Of The System Adopted By Gregory Was Aloysius Lilius, Or Luigi Lilioghiraldi, A Learned Astronomer And Physician Of Naples, Who Died, However, Before Its Introduction; But The Individual Who Most Contributed To Give The Ecclesiastical Calendar Its Present Form, And Who Was Charged With All The Calculations Necessary For Its Verification, Was Clavius, By Whom It Was Completely Developed And Explained In A Great Folio Treatise Of 800 Pages, Published In 1603, The Title Of Which Is Given At The End Of This Article.

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