What does Alopecia mean?

Alopecia meaning in General Dictionary

reduced hair hair loss

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  • loss in locks (especially on head) or loss of wool or feathers; in humans it may result from heredity or hormone imbalance or particular diseases or medications and remedies (chemotherapy for disease)
  • Alt. of Alopecy

Alopecia meaning in Medical Dictionary

Hair Loss. There are many forms of alopecia, each with a new cause. Alopecia are localized into front and top of the head such as common male pattern baldness. It might be patchy such as an ailment called alopecia areata. A variant of alopecia requires the whole mind and it is called alopecia capitis totalis. The phrase "alopecia" originates from the Greek "alopex" for "fox." Foxes are less furry when suffering from a skin infection (the "mange") that causes all of them to get rid of their hair. When a fancier word for "baldness" ended up being sought, the mangy fox provided it -- "alopecia" or, should you desire, "fox-mange" -- not a rather positive picture to keep company with baldness.

Alopecia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a disorder of hair thinning resulting in either full hair thinning or patches of hair loss.

Alopecia meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Alopecy