What does Aloha mean?

Aloha meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1798, Hawaiian aloha, Maori aroha, a manifestation utilized in greeting or valediction, actually "love, love, pity." Sometimes aloha 'oe, from 'oe "to you personally."

Aloha meaning in General Dictionary

an acknowledgment which you can use to say hello or good-bye (aloha is Hawaiian and ciao is Italian)

Aloha meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Protocol for satellite and terrestrial radio transmissions. In pure Aloha, a user can communicate anytime, but dangers collisions along with other users' messages. Slotted Aloha reduces the opportunity of collisions by dividing the station into time slots and calling for your individual send just at the beginning of an occasion slot. Aloha ended up being the foundation for Ethernet, an area area network protocol.