What does Almost Dro mean?

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virtually dro, is a phrase familiar with explain a particular sort Marijuana. Although its maybe not in fact hydro grown grass, its a Slang term utilized. Almost dro is truly Kinebud, But has lost its potent THC levels, And does not have its powerful scent, or fresh texture. Like it was saved for too long. As a result of this reduction in high quality it really is listed lower then regualr Kinebud rates.High Grade Kinebud has a very powerful potent odor, If you store it in a plastic baggy, and put it inside pocket or backpack. The space or yourself really still have a really powerful odor. Which is the reason why its favored to keep in a air tight container for scent, better storage location, plus the crystals that are one some buds, can stick to the edges associated with container, and that can be scraped and smoked.IF you cannot identify these qualities on your so named "Kinebud". after that its either practically dro, or Kinebud that features lost its potency. Bear in mind high quality Kinebud, can place a Pothead whom Smoked for decades, on cloud 9, which can be actually large.