What does Almond Paste mean?

Almond Paste meaning in Cooking Dictionary

Blanched, ground almonds coupled with sugar and glycerin; utilized in a variety of confections including amaretti cookies; like marzipan but is less fragile rather than as sweet. Ground kernels of peaches or apricots in many cases are put into enhance the almonds. Almond paste will come in most supermarkets. After starting, place tightly and refrigerate. Warming for just two or three moments in a microwave range can soften hardened almond paste. It ought to be firm but flexible before using.

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  • a blend of surface, blanched almonds prepared with sugar to make a creamy, fast paste. It's used as a component in desserts, snacks, ice-cream, pastries tarts. (it's the key ingredient in rainbow and pignoli cookies, macaroons, kranskage, Danish pastries and Swedish mazarins.) And almond paste could be used to make marzipan, a sweet almond confection. [see below] Quality almond paste typically contains more than 50% almonds plus the stability is sugar.