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The shittiest liberal-arts university in existence. In the exact middle of nowhere of michigan, high in hipster wealthy young ones, model UN fags, sycophants, and pretentious residential district losers. All this is mixed into shitty greek life where more than half the college participates. Town of Alma is also packed with degenerate low-lives and mexiscum illegals.

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Other important institutions of learning within the state but not maintained by it are: Albion College (Methodist Episcopal; opened in 1843), at Albion; Hillsdale College (Free Baptist, 1855), at Hillsdale; Kalamazoo College (Baptist, 1855), at Kalamazoo; Adrian College (controlled by the Methodist Protestant Church since 1867), at Adrian; Olivet College (Congregational, 1859), at Olivet; Hope College (Reformed, 1866), at Holland; Detroit College (Roman Catholic, 1877), at Detroit; Alma College (Presbyterian; incorporated 1886), at Alma; and some professional schools at Detroit (q.v.).

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