What does Allow That Allow that mean?

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lots of people have said this term implies 'leave it' or 'don't bother'. We it does mean this however it is in addition made use of as a sign of arrangement to a scenario.It mostly will depend on the toneSo it can either imply 'fuck that', 'can't be arsed' or on the other had 'yeah partner', 'lets involve some of that'If stated in the unfavorable term it would be said with a lowering in pitch of voice towards end regarding the phrase, if nevertheless stated in the positive it might be stated with a rise in pitch regarding the voice to the end for the term.As really because inside good it's associated with the whip thing chavs do regarding the 'that' “Allow that” is a term utilized in arrangement with someone or something like that. It may indicate something similar to… “yeah mate, that is what I’m talking about” or simply just “I agree with that”. Some may confuse this term with “Allow it”, consequently “let it be” or “leave it out mate”.