What does Allotment mean?

Allotment meaning in General Dictionary

The act of allotting project

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  • a share reserve for a specific function
  • the work of dispersing by allotting or apportioning; circulation relating to a plan
  • The work of allotting; assignment.
  • whatever is allocated; a share, component, or section awarded or distributed; that which is assigned by lot, or because of the work of God; any such thing set apart for a special usage or to a definite party.
  • The allowance of a certain number of scrip or of a specific thing to somebody.

Allotment meaning in Finance Dictionary

The circulation of shares to individuals in a unique issue. Individuals may get all the stocks they applied for or, if the brand-new concern is oversubscribed, the allotment are going to be scaled down either pro-rata on quantity applied for or, oftentimes, using a random ballot.

Allotment meaning in Law Dictionary

Partition,apportionment, division ; the circulation of laud under an inclosure act, or sharesin a public undertaking or corporation.

Allotment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "action of allotting," from center French allotement, from Old French aloter (see allot). Or else a native formation from allot + -ment. Indicating "portion assigned to some one or some function" is from 1670s.

Allotment meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

within the farming business, term regularly refer to an area this is certainly designated for usage by a certain quantity of cattle or sheep and for use by both types of animals.

Allotment meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Share or part of anything such as residential property. 2. Subdivision of an appropriation which can be expended during an allotment duration (usually monthly or one fourth). 3. Systematic distribution of a resource over different entities, things, or durations.

Allotment meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The work of allotting; project.

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  • (n.) Whatever is allocated; a share, part, or part approved or distributed; that which is assigned by great deal, or by the act of Jesus; anything put apart for a special use or to a distinct celebration.
  • (n.) The allowance of a particular level of scrip or of a certain thing to somebody.

Sentence Examples with the word Allotment

The powers of the old township were much more extensive than those of the present city of Boston, including as they did the determination of the residence of strangers, the allotment of land, the grant of citizenship, the fixing of wages and prices, of the conditions of lawsuits and even a voice in matters of peace and war.

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