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a phenomenal man that will cause you to smile just by looking within course. He enables you to fall-in love all over again each and every time he smiles at you. He could be always type, and nice, and extremely sweet, in every way. Has got the energy of switching your amazing relationship into anything magical, something which will last permanently. Always keeps his claims, and waits when it comes to correct woman ahead along. He has an incredible level of perseverance, specially with those he really cares about. He's a great relationship with his household, specifically their small cousin, and reveals value towards any person he satisfies. An Allon does forget some things oftentimes, but accocunts for for that by any means feasible. Overall, Allon is anyone to get acquainted with, and anyone to appreciate every moment you will get. 1. money lent at interest 2. the act of being without another person3. A crazy israeli that produces smart pickup outlines making use of his name a term meaning every thing damaging. Regularly show sucking in a variety of circumstances including simply how much your overall situation sucks or anticipation of a bad day