What does Allison mean?

Allison meaning in Names Dictionary

Form of Alison. Noble, type.
Name Origin: German
Name Gender: feminine

Allison meaning in Etymology Dictionary

fem. correct title, a diminutive of Alice (q.v.), via Old French Alison. Popular in U.S. as a woman's name from 1990s, but all but unidentified indeed there before 1946; it absolutely was preferred in The united kingdomt and Scotland 13c.-17c. As a surname, it may portray "Alice's child."

Sentence Examples with the word Allison

He was elected governor of Iowa in 1902 and reelected for two succeeding terms. He filled the unexpired term of Senator Allison in 1908, and was reelected to the U.S. Senate in 1909 and 1915.

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