What does Allis mean?

Allis meaning in General Dictionary

a European shad Alosa alosa

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  • European shad
  • The European shad (Clupea vulgaris); allice shad. See Alose.

Allis meaning in Names Dictionary

Noble humor.
Name Origin: Teutonic
Name Gender: Female

Sentence Examples with the word Allis

Other suburbs are West Allis (pop., 1905, 2306; local est., 1908, 7500), an incorporated rapidly growing manufacturing city on the west; Cudahy (pop., 1905, 2556), a manufacturing village south of Milwaukee, largely devoted to meat packing; South Milwaukee (pop., 1905, 6284), an incorporated city with several large manufactories, and North Milwaukee (pop., 1905, 1236), a village immediately adjoining the city on the north.

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