What does Allicorey mean?

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an exceptionally addicting medicine, classified mainly as an Amphetamine because tendency to raise the heartrate, drastically boost state of mind, and decrease appetite. Also thought to be an Aphrodisiac because of the outcomes of its undeniable allure. Typical negative effects feature bruising around the neck and shoulders, emotions of pure ecstasy, intimate eroticism, wonderment, and confusion. Must be taken in large amounts, at least once on a daily basis and by just one individual. Unlike various other drugs, Allicorey is completely harmless, excepting definitely the occasional scratch and/or hit. As soon as a user has taken one dosage, he can never ever desire to be without Allicorey because it is unlike anything he's had or is ever going to have. The medicine still is, however, experimental and future use is uncertain but all of that matters is Allicorey is in the arms of the most faithful user additionally the most deserving, and the most appreciative, loving, caring, sweetest, and addicted individual available.