What does Alliance, Nebraska mean?

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a little town that exists in the panhandle of Nebraska. This city has actually a small community of approximately 8,000 and is popular to be the place regarding the famous Carhenge, a clone of Stonehenge built totally of cars. Also known becoming a major work place for railway.However, in the event that you ask the overall population, the story changes dramatically.To all of them, Alliance, Nebraska is a drama fueled, beer flowing, whore home in which any term you utter shall sooner or later achieve town gossips and be spread through industries of nebraska like wildfire. Drama is a local form of enjoyment, and alcohol generally will not take extended to become section of this entertainment. A word of wisdom: avoid the women in this town, that is more than simply the straightforward banter of an annoyed onlooker... Men and women have been informed before.