What does Allergy mean?

Allergy meaning in General Dictionary

hypersensitivity to a particular substance

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  • hypersensitivity a reaction to a specific allergen; signs can differ greatly in power

Allergy meaning in Medical Dictionary

A misguided reaction to international substances by the immunity, the body system of security against international invaders, particularly pathogens (the agents of disease). The allergic attack is mistaken for the reason that these international substances are harmless. The substances that trigger sensitivity are known as allergen. For example pollens, dirt mite, molds, danders, and certain foods. Individuals at risk of allergies tend to be reported to be allergic or atopic.

Allergy meaning in Law Dictionary

medical problem brought on by contaminants or an allergic effect.

Allergy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1911, from German Allergie, coined 1906 by Austrian doctor Clemens E. von Pirquet (1874-1929) from Greek allos "other, different, odd" (see alias (adv.)) + ergon "activity" (identify organ).

Allergy meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A condition in which the body reacts to a particular product or product; can also be known as hypersensitivity.

Allergy meaning in Sexual Dictionary

an abnormally high sensitivity associated with human being organism in contact with an allergen (these types of as pollens, meals, or microorganisms). Typical indications of allergy can sometimes include sneezing, irritation, and epidermis rashes.