What does Allergic reaction mean?

Allergic reaction meaning in Medical Dictionary

The hypersensitive reaction of the disease fighting capability of an allergic person to a substance.

Allergic reaction meaning in Law Dictionary

n uncommon responce to an allergen. Your body is trying to fight off the odd substance. It could be mild or serious. Reference intolerance.

Allergic reaction meaning in Business Dictionary

Abnormal physiological a reaction to an allergen or a physical stimuli. It may range between a mild assault of asthma or hay-fever to sever dermatitis or gastroenteritis even excessively severe shock that will trigger demise from respiration difficulties, circulatory collapse, and/or heart failure. See in addition attitude.

Allergic reaction meaning in General Dictionary

hypersensitivity reaction to a certain allergen; signs can vary significantly in power

Sentence Examples with the word Allergic reaction

For once, Yully was grateful for the almost allergic reaction humans had to her.

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