What does Allergen mean?

Allergen meaning in Medical Dictionary

A substance that may trigger an allergic effect. Typical allergens feature ragweed pollen, animal dander, and mildew.

Allergen meaning in Law Dictionary

nything which causes an allergic response. An individual must certanly be allergic towards material to hav a reaction. Your body fights this foreign substance. AKA antigen.

Allergen meaning in Etymology Dictionary

substance causing sensitivity, 1912, from sensitivity on style of antigen.

Allergen meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Any compound because of the potential to produce an allergic response in an animal vulnerable to such a reaction.

Allergen meaning in Business Dictionary

Substance that causes allergic reactions in individuals who are hypersensitive to it. Also called antigen, because immunity regards it as international or possibly dangerous and creates antibodies to counter it.

Allergen meaning in General Dictionary

any material that may cause an allergy

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Allergen meaning in Sexual Dictionary

a substance (eg pollen, glair, or spermicides) that causes an allergy.