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Typically afflicts those from the many years of 14-25, which attended the senior high school of, yet not restricted to: Emmaus, Parkland, and Central Catholic.you can find primarily white, with sex not one factor. They can be exceedingly confrontational, without much to show for this. Most men function the rotund physique, utilizing the lucky people becoming skinny because increased metabolism. Some tote a patch of fuzz that they claim to be a beard. The ladies weigh-in between 100 to 250 weight, and may take in any NFL lineman under-the-table.you should definitely staring you down in the hallways or making seemingly simple yet instead direct facebook statuses about you, they are posting random words by Wiz Khalifa, Lil' Wayne or Mac Miller. Now this wouldn't ordinarily be a challenge, nevertheless infusion of rap lyrics combined with a predominantly white population has led all of them to trust they can utilize the N term, amply. Fortunately at Parkland we Mr. Bailey, whom reminds them to hit that shit off.Thanks to Lil' Wayne, Mac Miller and Wiz, alcohol and drugs perform a significant role in their life style. Most of them, both males and females, have actually DUIs or about an underage. If not consuming to unconsciousness, they could be seen defecating on the family's most recent obtain Ethan Allen.WARNING: whoever lets you know they "are tired", more than once per week is afflicted. The severe nature may be indicated by how many times stated person says so, and believe me, you are going to keep in mind after scanning this.