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the primary charater in D.Gray guy. Has white locks, gray or bluey silver eyes. Scar on side of face. Their purity is named Crown Clown.Allen Walker is a polite brit boy who are able to kick akuma arse whenever needed. He has a form disposition and gets along side everybody. In addition to Kanda Yu whom generally seems to hate him. Allen likes to consume large quantities of food and miterashi dango.Nicknamed Moyashi (Beansprout) as a result of their small size and white hair.Allen is critisized of getting a martyr complex and thinks about other individuals before himself.He is close friends with Lavi Bookman and Linalee Lee.Allen normally considered to be the 14th noah, definition he s gradually turning out to be a Noah.Allen could be the only exorcist capable controll the ark. His purity additionally stored him when Tyki Mikk killed him.All in most Allen is a pleasant son who just wants the best for everyone. He would like to save your self Akuma's souls and destroy the millenium earl.In fanfics Allen is normaly combined with either Lavi or Kanda. Laven or Yullen. He could be in addition seen with Tyki (Poker Pair).He is maybe not usually seen with Linalee as very few individuals actually like this pairing.ALLEN ROCKS EXCEPT IT