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a floating eyeball that appears late in certain Final fantasy games. Aside from the one in the list above,you may locate them in FFIV and VI,in the Path to your Core and Kefka's Tower,respectively. The FFIV you've got a habit of killing off people with Doom/Condemn,then casting Berserk and Charm on the final males standing. The FFVI one could be Morphed into a Cursed Ring with the Ragnarok Esper,and when managed can cast X-Zone. 1. In addition l'Allemagne. The French word for Germany.2. an animal resembling a winged eyeball, found in the Northern Crater in Final Fantasy VII. A level 48 beast with 8,000 HP and 200 MP, the Allemagne is vunerable to wind-elemental attacks and, like all flying creatures, unchanged by earth-based attacks. Its attacks consist of a claw assault, Teardrop, Big Breath, L4 Death, and L3 Flare. Eye Drops can be taken or obtained from Allemagnes. Whenever outdone, they offer 1,300 experience points, 100 ability things, and 1,350 gil. They can not be morphed, nevertheless they could be controlled. The instructions offered to an Allemagne during manipulation are Claw, L4 Death, and L3 Doom.