What does Allah mean?

Allah meaning in General Dictionary

title associated with the Supreme becoming in use among the list of Arabs and also the Mohammedans typically

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  • Muslim title for the one and only God
  • The name of the Supreme Being, in use one of the Arabs and the Mohammedans generally.

Allah meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1702, Arabic title when it comes to Supreme becoming, from Arabic Allahu, contraction of al-Ilahu, from al "the" + Ilah "Jesus;" about Hebrew Elohim.

Allah - German to English

Allah [Arabic title of God]

Allah meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Title of Supreme getting, being used on the list of Arabs as well as the Mohammedans usually.

Sentence Examples with the word Allah

He taught that there was one God; but that God was neither Allah nor Ram, but simply God; neither the special god of the Mahommedan, nor of the Hindu, but the God of the universe, of all mankind and of all religions.

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