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An All-At-Once is the work of using a shit with very impressive rate, mobility, and timing. The manoeuvre is typically performed in public restrooms, nevertheless may also be performed in almost any foreign restroom into the performing party. The All-At-Once's success is essentially reliant on your focused control plus his sharpened mind-over-body abilities.The method starts by stated individual squatting within the lavatory seat. Bear in mind, the method is all about speed. So naturally, by perhaps not holding the chair together with his ass, he eliminates enough time it can decide to try formulate toilet paper. Anyone after that proceeds to clench his body with all their whole may well and strength to if at all possible press all waste off his human body. This clenching body sensation may be when compared to transformation into Super Saiyan. One needs to focus all of their system's work on clenching most of the muscle tissue to make all shit out. Finally, the goal is for the shit to fall on as fast as possible, in a single push, all at once.The cleanup can also be equally innovative. Together takes the squat, right before he clenches their body, he reaches over and draws down a small number of toilet paper. After the shitting is performed, the person wipes as he rises, after that instantly falls it in to the lavatory. He flushes with his other hand, after that tends to make their way to wash his fingers. The complete All-At-Once is performed seemingly in one obvious, moving human body motion.