What does All New mean?

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All New is a phrase that is used by advertisers to state that a product is presumably completely different from the predecessor or even the prior art. Although this term could have had a lot of definition at some point, this has truly lost that meaning through overuse and misuse. Including, a 2009 form of automobile with small changes set alongside the 2008 variation are sold as "the new X car." In addition of note, the expression may be used for an excessive period of time after an introduction of a product or service, therefore the "new" part of "brand new" in addition has lost some value. For instance, in July with this 12 months car manufacturers will nevertheless be marketing a car or truck as "new x vehicle" although it was readily available since September of earlier 12 months.

Sentence Examples with the word All New

In July 1819 he entered Tunja, after a sharp action on the adjoining heights; and on the 7th of August he gained the victory of Boyaca, which gave him immediate possession of Bogota and all New Granada.

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