What does All Hail the Governor mean?

All Hail the Governor meaning in Urban Dictionary

A drinking online game. A small grouping of folks sit around a table and total to 13. When they struck 13, everyone says "ALL HAIL THE GOVERNOR!" and drinks. The one who stated 13 can certainly make up a rule for lots, for instance, "From the no. 5, everybody else with a white shirt has got to drink."The count begins again. When it gets to (like) 5, everybody (like) with a white clothing will drink. When it reaches 13 once again, title of this game is yelled together with individual who said 13 will likely make another brand-new rule for the next number.Possibly the fastest way to get intoxicated in a drinking game, in addition to Roxanne. It is preferable if you do not pick a rule that's universal to people, like "everybody with a heartbeat."