What does Alkaloid mean?

Alkaloid meaning in General Dictionary

a natural base specially one of a course of nitrogen containing substances happening ready formed in the areas of plants plus the bodies of creatures

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  • with respect to resembling or containing alkali
  • natural basics containing nitrogen present plants
  • Alt. of Alkaloidal
  • An organic base, especially among a course of substancesu000du000a occurring ready formed when you look at the cells of flowers as well as the figures ofu000du000a pets.

Alkaloid meaning in Urban Dictionary

(appropriate noun) A movement in art and songs concerning elements of dissonance, nonsense, stream-of-consciousness, psychedelic imagery, randomness, and also the usage of a lexicon of Alkaloid-specific slang. Verb type is alkalyze.

Alkaloid meaning in Medical Dictionary

A member of a big set of chemicals which can be produced by flowers and now have nitrogen included. Numerous alkaloids possess powerful pharmacologic results. The alkaloids include cocaine, smoking, strychnine, caffeinated drinks, morphine, pilocarpine, atropine, methamphetamine, mescaline, ephedrine, and tryptamine.

Alkaloid meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1831, from alkali (q.v.) + -oid. "a broad term put on fundamental compounds of vegetable origin, bitter in flavor, and achieving powerful results on pet system" [Flood]. As an adjective by 1859.

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Alkaloid meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Alkaloidal

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  • (n.) An organic base, especially one of a course of substances happening ready-formed when you look at the tissues of plants and bodies of creatures.

Sentence Examples with the word Alkaloid

MORPHINE, the chief alkaloid of opium, to which the medicinal action of the former is mainly due.

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