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a lady that is original, more rare female on the face for the planet, the kind that every son longs for, the sort which you long for, the type you believe may be out of this globe. Really, I found the girl, and she is in a league of her own...You understand, she actually is that hot woman you saw that day at the food store, that lady you want you had. She is the pretty woman because motion picture you saw. She's the lady behind the microphone when you pay attention to your music and also this angelic sound is heard. She's the type of perfect girl you consider if you are beating down within bedroom later during the night. Haha, but really, I'm serious. She's a stone cold fox, and she is the lady in charge of heat on those hot summer times, she's like, uber hot. Really. She teaches you as she makes things up. She actually is a boss ass bitch. So tough she does not give a shit as to what the fuck you have to state cuz she is to fab to care.