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Alicja may be the type of girl that people might not like or even hate at the first effect, but when you get acquainted with her she's going to melt your soul. You'll never need to get on the bad part. She actually is the sort to know what she wants and frequently gets it whatever. She actually is amazing and funny with adorable and sexy laugh. She tends to be scatter-brained and forgetful. Complicated to comprehend, however you will never ever would you like to stop trying. Sexiest in sweat jeans and ruffled locks. She can read anyone without having the slightest problem. She is everything you'd previously wish in a lady. Funny,shy, sexy, confident yet somehow every so often may use a compliment and a hug. She likes to make weird and arbitrary noises and provides the most beautiful hot hugs. She constantly smiles. She actually is the girl it is in addition crucial to spend remainder in your life with. Alicja may be the types of person every girl desires the woman closest friend to be. Likes sex regarding coastline. Constantly. Screamer.Sweet, quite, adorable.