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a lovely woman that's very friendly, courteous, enjoying. They've been slightly absurd on occasion which makes them fun and arbitrary. They enjoy figures who is able to wield miraculous and also have epic adventures. Not to preppy but really down-to-earth. These are generally smart and concern almost everything. Also very flexible but stern. A Alicen is quite unusual and I indicate it. They generate very good buddies and are usually an easy task to talk to. It is as if you can practically state almost anything to all of them. The best part a Alicen will jazz up every day even although you don't believe they did. a generally attractive girl. She's a little outrageous, but its a very important thing. She is frequently a person who is obsessed with nintendo figures, such as Mario. If you do not know an alicen, well, you need to satisfy one right away, since they are some of the most fantastic and interesting women to go this world a purdy woman which sometimes go out with freaks named cami and emily. these are typicallyn't cool, however they never care. (: she really loves a guy known as roger, for explanations i don't comprehend (; and she wants to make signs on her behalf friends when they're lonely.