What does Algonquian mean?

Algonquian meaning in General Dictionary

regarding or designating more substantial associated with the linguistic categories of us Indians their area formerly including virtually most of Canada east of 115th meridian and south of Hudsons Bay and part of the US east of this Mississippi and north of Tennessee and Virginia apart from the territory occupied by the northern Iroquoian tribes you can find almost 100000 Indians of this Algonquian tribes that the strongest will be the Ojibwas Chippewas Ottawas Crees Algonquins Micmacs and Blackfeet

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  • of or regarding an Algonquian tribe or its people or language
  • a part of any of the us Indian teams speaking an Algonquian language and initially residing the subarctic regions of east Canada; many Algonquian tribes migrated south to the woodlands through the Mississippi River on Atlantic coastline
  • group of us Indian languages talked from Labrador to sc and west to the Great Plains

Algonquian meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally Algonkian, 1885, an ethnologist's word, altered from Algonquin + -ian. Both forms of title are used as adjectives and nouns. An American-Indian language family spread-over a broad part of northeast and north-central the united states, from Nova Scotia (Micmac) to Montana (Cheyenne).

Sentence Examples with the word Algonquian

Nyack was named from a tribe of Algonquian Indians.

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