What does Aleyah mean?

Aleyah meaning in Urban Dictionary

A headstrong and gorgeous woman. Aleyahs usually are discovered is breathtakingly breathtaking. Obtained the face area which make minds switch twice. But apart from their particular actual qualities, Aleyahs are particularly easy-going and confident folks. These are generally nice and sweet, nevertheless they is also temperamental and moody. But don't be intimidated because of the unfavorable faculties, Aleyahs simply tend get unfortunate or furious quickly, however they additionally bounce right back following. They've this obvious statement inside their minds that Life is just too short for sulking around. They have a tendency becoming fun and carefree usually, particularly when found in good mood. But since the name derived from your message, "Leo" obtained some form of fire in them making 'em strong and capable of leading. They are often intimidating and obnoxious every so often, but trust me whenever I state you will will have fun when you are with an Aleyah. These are the kind of those who do what they need. They simply have way too much sunshine to stand in another person's shadow.

Aleyah meaning in Names Dictionary

Exalted, greatest personal standing.
Name Origin: Arabic
Name Gender: Female