What does Alexxia alexxia mean?

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a woman who's blessed with alot buddies, has many inside jokes and can never ever stop texting. Alexxia's tend to be down appropriate awesome and haters can jump-off a bridge and perish in a sizable whole!!! A lady that is a nasty skank and enjoys pushing hot dogs up her vagina whenever her parents are not home. Copies off other folks, extremely unoriginal. Extremely boring person who is irritating to many folks around this lady. has actually a higher pitch voice that is un bearing. Careless 2nd whore whom cannot make a guy pleased. Often fart beneath the covers and smell it afterwards. Their breaths generally smell like penis every morning. Untrustworthy, unfaithful, believe they may be wise but are very stupid and vulnerable with by themselves. Usually take from friends. Don't befriend a Alexxia. Might become regretting it. She cannot fight at all and may never ever face people by herself.