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the essential wonderful woman you can easily ever before meet. This woman is caring, loving, wise and stunning. She is a friend a girl can have therefore the most amazing gf some guy have.The one that are going to be there for you everyday. The main one who's laugh makes your day, usually the one who's look only makes you just a little happier. Her eyes tend to be as beautiful as a the ocean. This woman is great at sports and will try the woman best to move you to happy. Often she may be somewhat tense and certainly will be really intimidating, however it is and then those that don't treat the lady well. She's a spontaneous, awesome, if somewhat moronic, one who is extremely hyper. Very lovable, you can't hate this lady. Deffinitely very random. Fun individual be around. This woman is somebody you'll hold tight and undoubtedly look after, because she makes you feel special, because she really loves you. But treat the woman incorrect and make the most of her, and she'll be gone.....Man I experienced Alexa, but i addressed her wrong and she's gone.we regret leaving Alexxa, now once I see her I can not breathe. -a woman whom wants to read and freak out before you take tests-very nice gir-a woman with a rather big booty