What does Alexandrina mean?

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'Alexandrina' otherwise called 'Alexandra' or 'Alehandra' meaning vicious, feisty, loud . Amazing at acting, kind to all the lady friends, however if you obtain regarding wrong side of the girl, its probably end with a BANG.& take the woman silence as a warning that one thing is all about to occur. In infrequent cases she is timid, mad, defiant, & reluctant to speak with people. This is when you realize, that some thing seriously incorrect has happened. The woman caring part can take lengthy in the future completely, but shes sure to be directly behind you, or even in the front, when things fail. Shes the sort of buddy you won't ever desire to lose. Nevertheless the sort of opponent, that'll make you want you're never ever created.Very money grubbing with meals and cash.

Alexandrina meaning in Names Dictionary

as a type of Alexander. Helper and defender of mankind.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

Sentence Examples with the word Alexandrina

This stream, the Murray, in the upper part of its course runs in a north-westerly direction, but afterwards turning southwards, almost at a right angle, expands into Lake Alexandrina on the south coast, about 60 m.

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