What does Alexander technique mean?

Alexander technique meaning in Medical Dictionary

A process that shows how exactly to precisely coordinate body and mind to produce harmful tension and enhance posture, coordination and general health. The strategy is termed the Australian Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) just who created it. An actor, Alexander started their job as a Shakespearean orator. He developed persistent laryngitis while carrying out. Determined to displace the total usage of his voice, he very carefully saw himself while speaking, and noticed that undue muscular tension taken into account his vocal issue. He sought ways to expel that constraint. Over time, he discovered and articulated a principle he thought profoundly influenced health insurance and well-being: whenever throat tension is paid down, your head not any longer compresses the back together with back is liberated to lengthen. Alexander restored their own natural capacity for ease by changing how he thought while starting an action. Out of this work on himself and others, he evolved a hands-on teaching strategy that encouraged all the human body's procedures to the office more efficiently -- as a built-in, dynamic whole. These days the Alexander strategy is generally regarded as being inside the context of complementary and alternative treatment (CAM).