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The most beautiful guy on the planet. He is more caring, loving, amazing, sexy, breathtaking, good looking, most angelic, special guy in entire world. His mind-set is the greatest mind-set any person could ever have. He could be extremely future focused where he understands what he desires in life and he will go get it. He is my everything. <3 their eyes are the most stunning things in the field. If you explore them, the thing is you. For your needs. The main one which he really really loves. He allows you to be your self regardless of what. He's the only individual who really loves myself for me personally and not others. He could be always indeed there for me and I also love him with of my heart and I constantly will. Their nose ist he many adorable and cutest thing i have previously seen. We kiss it. <3 His ears may also be the cutest things ever before. Their lips... Kissing them is like probably heaven. If thats even similar. Becoming in the hands is the foremost thing you can previously imagine. Once you come in his arms, It is like you feel soo loved. Therefore perfect. Therefore desired. Recommended. Precisely what you've got previously wanted is in him and every little thing he has ever wanted is in you. I'm sure that i will be their forever and just his. And I know that he can be mine and only mine forever. He's literally perfect.