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Some guy who tends to make YouTube video clips for a full time income. Has his own web site, www.officiallymrstud.com. Proven to have a shitty, tragic life but constantly manages to disguise it with jokes, laughs, along with his outbound personality. Some middle school pupils are recognized for making severe rumors about Alex before, ex. being a rapist or a pedophile. Alexander Carneiro loves making men and women laugh together with his videos and hopes to someday become popular. You will find a great deal about Alex by looking around their title in lots of search-bars like Bing. Alexander Carneiro goes by the nickname of MrStud that he got from center school whenever instructors would deal with him by that title. Alexander Carneiro and Andy Milonakis have been caught arguing via Stickam some years back. Alexander Carneiro features introduced a YouTube video known as "Bloody Mary: a quick movie" several years back which at this time has about two million views. Alexander Carneiro could flirt with several random women as a cure for his boredness.