What does Alexa mean?

Alexa meaning in Names Dictionary

Form of Alexander. Helper and defender of mankind.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: feminine

Alexa meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

An Amazon.com company that was originally launched in April 1996 that uses information collected from people with the Alexa internet browser Toolbar setup to build an even more intelligent Internet and traffic ranks. Alexa is a good way to figure out basic data for your website and web log and another the best way evaluate your site with your on the web competition. But remember Alexa traffic ratings are only considering users who've the Alexa Toolbar setup. If you prefer precise traffic information for the site, we suggest Bing Analytics. Here, is a typical example of Alexa rankings the Computer Hope web site the past three months.

Sentence Examples with the word Alexa

Siemasko (non-party); and of the department of Agriculture, Alexa (Popular Socialist).

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