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The nickname provided to accused steroids user/Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez has enjoyed an extended stretch of periods where he's got already been considered one of the better, if not the very best, players within the online game for his mixture of energy, striking for average, run production, rate. "A-Rod", while he can be called, had a monstrous period in 2003 as a Texas Ranger before he had been traded to your New York Yankees where he had been envisioned to lead the team to some other awe-inspiring dynasty. However, he has struggled in the playoffs and is usually scrutinized for perhaps not striking in clutch situations. In February 2009, only mere days ahead of the beginning of spring education, a report leaked out disclosing information that Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003, also a-year by which he won probably the most important athlete Award.At the time of this writing he has got however to confirm or deny this accusation.Because of the report, many baseball purists have become disillusioned using the stability regarding the sport, many of whom had been hoping that Rodriguez would conserve the All-Time house run record from a steroid individual, perhaps not join him.